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Scott Wagner On Governor Wolf’s School Safety Comments: “Are You Kidding Me?”

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Talks Plans To Keep Kids Safe With WRTA’S Jim Gregory

2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner this morning joined WRTA’s Jim Gregory to talk about his latest plans to make Pennsylvania’s children safer. Wagner criticized Governor Wolf’s recent comments about how he believes school safety is more of a federal issue. Wagner also elaborated on his plan to put an armed security officer in each school, noting that the proposal could provide an employment opportunity for veterans. Audio and a transcript of the highlights of the interview are provided below.
Listen to the interview HERE.
SCOTT WAGNER: This past week Governor Wolf said in an interview, there isn’t much he can do about school safety at the state level and it’s really a federal issue. I mean, Jim, are you kidding me? That this guy actually said this, I can’t believe this. We have so much power in our states, we need to have safe schools. And I will tell you, we should have a safety assessment on every single school – policies and procedures. How do you get in the front door? How do you get into the school? This blows me away that he would say that.

JIM GREGORY: And Senator Wagner, Scott Wagner joining us by phone from York County, the 28th District, thank you very much for taking the time today. I want to ask as a school board member here in Hollidaysburg, actually, the opportunity for the state under your direction to provide more financial support for these kinds of efforts – Do you think the money is there, can we find the money to make some of this possible?

WAGNER: Jim, here is the answer to that question, and the answer is absolutely, yes there is the money. It’s my job as the Governor to find the money. And when I become Governor we are going to go to zero-based budgeting immediately. I can assure you that we will find a minimum of $1.5 to $4 billion dollars the first year, but it requires somebody to go in and do this. Jim, listen, everybody knows about the statewide radio system that we wasted $850 million on and $400 to $500 million at labor and industry on software programs, the list is endless. So it is my job  to find the money. That’s why I will be elected Governor. I’m not doing what I’m doing and killing myself all over the state – last year I did 350 events, I’m doing 30-35 events a week – I’m not going to the Office of the Governor to be the PR director like the guy that’s in there now, I’m going to be the Governor, we’re going to make some decisions. I’ve got the background, I’ve got the experience, I understand the issues. You have got to have somebody at the top who understands and has the background to say, we are going to do this, we are going to do it now, and in business sometimes we have to say we need to do this, we need to figure out how we’re going to pay for it because we have a situation that we can’t let get by, whether it’s an opportunity, whether it’s a crisis. That’s the goal of a Governor, that’s the goal of a strong leader.


WAGNER: Jim, two great opportunities – I learned there’s a school district out in the Pittsburgh area and in that school district they have an armed security officer in each school. Well guess what, they are actually retired state troopers. And they work a half day, one works in the morning, the other works in the afternoon, so they have full coverage. They’re retired, they’re getting a pension, they’re getting benefits, and that’s a great opportunity, that’s creativity, I like that. But think about all the highly trained military vets that are coming back from overseas, highly, highly trained, and they are looking for jobs. I’ve talked to a lot of young veterans – men and women that have come back from Iraq and Afghanistan – and they worked in neighborhoods, helping to rebuild  neighborhoods. Just think about how if you had a veteran in the schools that was overseas, saw the world, can you imagine sort of the role model opportunity they could serve to students, the possibilities are endless.