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Lyin’ Paul Mango’s Greatest Hits

In Preparation For Tuesday’s Debate: A Recap Of The Desperate Candidate’s Swings and Misses From Thursday Night

Last week, the 2018 Republican gubernatorial candidates participated in their first major debate of the Primary Election at Harrisburg Area Community College, and the Republican Party of Pennsylvania’s endorsed candidate Scott Wagner was the clear winner. Paul Mango, however, knowing Wagner’s strong position in the polls, tried to use the debate as an opportunity to launch desperate, and false attacks against him in the hopes of gaining some traction in the race.

With a second gubernatorial primary debate set to take place in Philadelphia on Tuesday morning, it’s imperative to correct the record on the fiction Paul Mango put forward last week. Below are the top five lies he told on Thursday.  Do not be fooled if he tries going back to the well with them tomorrow.


1) PAUL MANGO: “When we served our clients, we served our clients principally on growth, and job creation, and internationally expansion, and competitive – so I’ll go at anytime with Senator Wagner on job creation.”

  • FACT CHECK – False. As PennLive reported: “At the 31-second mark in the spot, Irey Vaughan praises Mango  for “[being] out there creating new jobs, expanding businesses and retaining businesses here in the commonwealth…We asked Mango’s campaign – twice – to provide concrete examples to back up that fulsome praise. It could not.” (PennLive, 7/31/17)
2) PAUL MANGO: “I appreciate all that Senator Wagner is doing but he also supports legislation called the Clean Slate bill, which would preclude employers, like in pharmacies and hospitals from understanding whether or not they were hiring a convicted felon drug dealer. That would put our children’s safety and security at risk. It is incoherent. We cannot advance the Clean Slate bill for convicted felon drug dealers and fight the drug overdose epidemic at the same time.”
  • FACT CHECK: False. As PennLive reported: “This was one point where Mango, who like Ellsworth resides in Allegheny County, appeared to swing too wildly…Wagner’s bill, as introduced, would seal criminal records for the public for convictions of non-violent misdemeanors after a person has been crime-free for 10 years; after five years for summaries; and after seven years for juvenile adjudications. It would not apply to felonies.” (PennLive, 3/2/17)
3) PAUL MANGO: “I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t do, I wouldn’t support Senator Wagner’s bathroom bill that permits anyone to walk into our girls locker rooms in our K-12 schools.”
  • FACT CHECK – False. As the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported:  “In 2016, Mr. Wagner shepherded an anti-discrimination bill through a committee he chairs…The bill applied only to discrimination in jobs or housing: Mr. Wagner said he opposes legislation allowing transgender people to use the bathrooms of the gender they identify with, a key issue for LGBT groups. As governor, he said, ‘I would not under any circumstances sign a bill like that.’”(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/15/18)
  • BONUS FACT – In an interview after Thursday night’s debate, Mango admitted that he is in favor of the very same anti-discrimination legislation he attacked Wagner for supporting. “Mango, ironically, said after the debate he can support similar protections for gays and lesbians, but only when paired with exceptions that protect religious liberties. Church-affiliated colleges, for example, should be permitted to have single-sex dorms, he said.” (PennLive, 3/1/18).
4) PAUL MANGO: “Senator Wagner in the York Dispatch was quoted as saying the Pennsylvania Abortion Control Act was doing it’s job and he wouldn’t change it… He is putting our children, our unborn children in danger.”
  • FACT CHECK – False. Scott Wagner thinks the Abortion Control act should be changed. He cosponsored two pieces of legislation to do just that – SB 3 and SB 300. Additionally, his 100 percent pro-life voting record was recently praised by the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation (Blog Post, 2/22/18)
5) PAUL MANGO: “I voted for Donald Trump twice, I supported him financially.”