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Mango Spokesman Highlights Lack Of Enthusiasm For His Own Candidate

Wagner-Bartos More Than Triple Mango-Irey Vaughan Petition Total

Candidates in the 2018 gubernatorial race filed their ballot petitions yesterday, and this morning a member of Paul Mango’s own campaign was pointing out that the healthcare consultant’s signature statistics were underwhelming.

In a stream of tweets this morning, Mango’s spokesman highlighted the importance of petition statistics by county, citing how Lou Barletta clearly bested Bob Casey in two key petition metrics. 1) The number of separate counties where he received ballot signatures and 2) The number of counties where he received more than 100 signatures.

He noted that Casey’s signatures in a mere 53 separate counties demonstrate there is “clearly no enthusiasm” for him. The only problem with this logic is that Paul Mango received signatures in even less than 53 separate counties. Scott Wagner’s total for the same statistic was 63.

Mango’s spokesman also called Barletta’s 100 signatures in 38 counties an “eye popping” statistic. Paul Mango had 100 signatures in only 27 counties, while Scott Wagner’s number for that metric was 42.



While Paul Mango said last month, “We are growing our grassroots base each and every day, which will be necessary to turn a Republican nomination victory into a victory over Tom Wolf this November,” the petition statistics by county cleary tell another story.

Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos yesterday filed with 17,618 and 14,718 ballot petition signatures respectively, dwarfing the 8,157 and 2,830 totals posted by Paul Mango and Diana Irey Vaughan.

Wagner-Bartos campaign manager Jason High said of the ticket’s strong signature statistics, “The overwhelming support Scott and Jeff received in all corners of the Commonwealth during the petitioning period is a testament to their relentless work ethic and the engaged grassroots infrastructure we have been building for months. Time and time again, the Wagner-Bartos ticket has proven that is the best positioned to defeat Tom Wolf  and bring the change to Harrisburg that Pennsylvanians are yearning for. Scott and Jeff will spend the coming months continuing to bring people together to ensure Republicans stand united in the General Election.”