Wagner Campaign Straw Poll Statement

Wagner Reports Over $6.2 Million Cash-On-Hand; Nearly Double Mango Figure

Has Outraised Mango Almost 5:1 In 2018

2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner today reported over $6.2 million cash-on-hand, doubling reports by Paul Mango. Wagner raised nearly $2.8 million in the first three months of 2018, which is almost five times as much as Mango.

“As the race picks up pace,  I am encouraged by the number of people who are supporting my agenda to bring change to Harrisburg and turn our government back over to the taxpayers,” said Scott Wagner. “You will continue to see me campaigning in every corner of the Commonwealth and the investments Pennsylvanians are making in my candidacy are going to continue to help me do that.”

“We are pleased with where we are financially with the primary election less than two months away,” said Campaign Manager Jason High. “The reports that were filed today demonstrate that there is only one Republican in the race that has the grassroots enthusiasm and campaign infrastructure necessary to defeat Tom Wolf in November, and that’s Scott Wagner.”