Wagner, Bartos, DiGiorgio Announce 26 Point Lead For Wagner In New Internal Poll

Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Calls For Party Unity

Mango Resorting To False Attack Ad Makes Sense Given Current State of the Race

2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner today was flanked by his running mate Jeff Bartos, Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Val DiGiorgio and Vice Chairwoman Bernie Comfort, and other grassroots conservative leaders to announce that he has a commanding lead and growing support with  just over five weeks until the primary election.

The new poll, which was conducted by McLaughlin and Associates, “Indicates why Paul Mango has resorted to running a vicious attack ad containing character smears that has backfired with Republican voters,” said Wagner’s campaign Manager, Jason High.“He has no other path to victory.”

“I’m honored that my message to change the status quo in Harrisburg is being overwhelmingly embraced by Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth,” said Wagner.“Together we have big challenges to tackle, including balancing our budget, eliminating property taxes, rolling back regulations, and addressing the opioid and skilled labor crises facing our Commonwealth. For the next few weeks I will focus my campaign on those issues so we can hit the ground running to defeat Tom Wolf in the general election.”

“If you want to know why Paul Mango is up with that vile ad smearing Scott Wagner’s character, look no further than this poll,” said Jeff Bartos. “Scott has a commanding lead and Mr. Mango is plummeting in every category imaginable. This is because there’s only one candidate in the race running a substantive campaign about the people of Pennsylvania. In a failed attempt to favorably contrast his own character with Scott’s, Paul Mango’s attacks have backfired and Republican voters see Scott as the best person to rise to the challenge of taking on Tom Wolf this fall.”

Chairman Val DiGiorgio added, “These polling numbers are the latest sign that the Pennsylvania Republican Party endorsed team of Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos is the clear frontrunner in the race to take on, and ultimately defeat, the most liberal Governor in America, Tom Wolf. Their message has garnered support from a wide array of viewpoints from within the party and, given this coalescence around the endorsed team, it is time for the Republican Party to show that we are strongest in achieving our shared goals when we are united.”

Below is a memo regarding the poll from Rob Schmidt of McLaughlin and Associates. Click HERE to view it on the polling company website.