Wagner Campaign Releases New Statewide TV Ad: “Katharine”

Katharine Wagner, Directly To Camera, Responds To Paul Mango’s False Attacks On Her Father

In response to Paul Mango’s desperate cartoon attack ad, which falsely slanders 2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s character and has been rebuked by GOP Chairman Val DiGiorgio and grassroots conservatives, the Wagner for Governor campaign announced it will launch a new television ad today. “Katharine,” a thirty second spot airing in all six markets across the Commonwealth, features Wagner’s oldest daughter speaking directly to the camera, addressing Mango’s assertions and defending her father’s character.

“Katharine’s passionate defense of her father exposes Paul Mango’s lies and highlights just how desperate of a campaign he is running,” said campaign Manager Jason High.“As someone who boasts about having five daughters of his own and having ‘flawless character,’ Paul Mango sure isn’t running his campaign like it. Recent polling suggests that the false attacks against Scott, all recycled failures from his former opponents in his 2014 write-in campaign, are having no impact on the race. Scott knows that, and he will continue to keep his eye on the ball and run a campaign focused on changing Harrisburg and making life better for the people of Pennsylvania.”

Watch the ad HERE.


KATHARINE WAGNER: “Paul Mango is a disgrace. His ads attacking my dad Scott Wagner are flat out lies. Dragging me into his dirty campaign is beyond the bounds of decency. My dad is a wonderful father who has always supported me. Mango is taking a decade old dispute and twisting the truth. Mr. Mango, you’re not half the man my father is, take down your disgusting ads and apologize.”


Paul Mango claims that he stooped to an all time low to run a false character smear attack ad against Scott Wagner because Wagner was running false ads first.  This is just another example of the former health care consultant lying to the people of Pennsylvania.

First off, Mango was the first to go negative with a false spot attacking Wagner’s 100 percent pro-life record. The Pennsylvania Pro-life Federation denounced the ad.

Wagner then ran a policy contrast ad, fact checked as true multiple times by PennLive, to highlight Scott’s record as a conservative job creator with Mango’s pro-outsourcing and pro-Obamacare past.

  • “But as we’ve pointed out, Mango did write and speak favorably… of the 44th president’s signature social policy when he worked for healthcare giant McKinsey & Co.   ‘And get this – Mango’s company is a leader for outsourcing,’ the ad continues. That’s actually true.” (PennLive, 4/2/18)
  • “GOP guv hopeful Paul Mango isn’t a fan of Obamacare – except for those times he was” (PennLive,  3/20/18)
Mango, however, responded with a disgusting character smear ad that was fact checked as false by KDKAWGAL, and the Associated Press
  • “As for whether Wagner is a deadbeat dad, court records reveal a very contentious divorce that Wagner had nearly a decade ago. A judge found that he understated his income, so upped his alimony and child support, ordering him to pay $800,000 over the next seven years. There is nothing to indicate that he has missed any of those payments.” (KDKA, 4/6/18)
  • “This claim needs more information. First off, judges decide to release inmates or suspects, not bail bondsman. Scott Wagner did run a bail bonds business in the 1980s, but bail bondsman provide a service regardless of who is accused and before someone is convicted. If a judge determines someone is eligible for bail, bond agents are not held responsible for a supsects’ actions.” (WGAL, 4/11/18)
  • “In a slap at Wagner’s management of waste hauler Penn Waste, the ad said ‘toxic Wagner was cited 20 times breaking environment laws, including water pollution.’ The citations going back to 2001 mostly involved leaking trucks, while one involved polluting a storm water retention pond. However, a review of a state database of violations by other waste haulers did not show Penn Waste’s violations to be unusual or excessive.” (AP, 4/5/18)
  • “The ad ends with the caption ‘violent Wagner accused of brutal assault.’ However, Wagner was not charged in the incident and the campaign tracker did not appear to suffer more than a minor finger injury.” (AP, 4/5/18)
As evidenced by Wagner’s huge straw poll win at the Pennsylvania Leadership Conferenceand a recent McLaughlin poll that has him up 26 points, it is clear voters are rightfully rejecting Mr. Mango’s desperate attacks.