Paul Mango Falsely Claims Wagner Ran Negative Ads First

Mango’s Attacks Began Running As Early As February

In an interview this week with WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh, Paul Mango was asked why he broke Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment and attacked another Republican. He responded with the assertion that Scott Wagner started running negative attack ads first, a claim that is false on many fronts.

Watch the exchange here HERE.

BOB MAYO: We asked Mango, what happened to President Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment, thou shalt not speak ill against fellow Republicans.

PAUL MANGO: You’ll have to ask the Senator because he started it and we felt we had to respond after a period of time where we gave him the opportunity to pull his ad. So, we’re not going to stand there and get battered by someone who is lying about us and not fight back. 


Given the intense backlash Mango has received from Republicans across the Commonwealth for his ‘despicable’ cartoon character smear against Wagner, the former healthcare consultant is looking for any excuse to justify the ad that is derailing his campaign. Unfortunately for Mr. Mango, this rationale doesn’t pass the reality test.

The timeline below displays how Mango began running negative ads against Wagner a month before Wagner released “Phony,” which among other things, highlights his opponents pro-Obamacare past.


Mango launches “The Right things To Do.” The thirty second spot flashes Wagner’s face on the screen as Mango says to camera, “And any politician caught skipping work shouldn’t get paid.”


Mango launches “Sons and Daughters.” The thirty second spot attacks Wagner on his abortion stance, despite the fact that Wagner has a 100 percent pro-life voting record. The Pennsylvania GOP and the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation denounced the ad.


The Wagner for Governor campaign finally responded to Mango’s attacks by running, “Phony,” a policy / political contrast ad highlighting Mango’s pro-Obamacare, pro-outsourcing and pro-Wolf past. (Up until that point Wagner had only run two positive ads, “Tough” and “Scott’s Plan”.

And while Mr. Mango may not like facts about his positions coming to light before the public, as he claims Wagner’s ad lies, PennLive reported twice on the legitimacy of the claims made in “Phony.”

  • “GOP guv hopeful Paul Mango isn’t a fan of Obamacare – except for those times he was” (PennLive,  3/20/18)
  • “’And get this – Mango’s company is a leader for outsourcing,’ the ad continues. That’s actually true.” (PennLive, 4/2/18)
  • “It is true that McKinsey did receive a $1.8 million contract from Wolf to help the administration formulate its 2017 budget proposals. But, Mango’s campaign said he had ‘no association’ with the awarding of the contract. Mango left the company on Feb. 17, 2017 shortly before launching his candidacy, according to published reports. That’s after Wolf’s budget address, which was delivered to a joint session of the Legislature on Feb. 7. News of the McKinsey contract became public a week before, on Feb. 1.” (PennLive, 4/2/18)

Mango launches the false, cartoon character smear “Faded Neon.”

The abundance of slanderous claims in Mango’s ad have been chronicled by multiple outlets.

  • “As for whether Wagner is a deadbeat dad, court records reveal a very contentious divorce that Wagner had nearly a decade ago. A judge found that he understated his income, so upped his alimony and child support, ordering him to pay $800,000 over the next seven years. There is nothing to indicate that he has missed any of those payments.” (KDKA, 4/6/18)
  • “This claim needs more information. First off, judges decide to release inmates or suspects, not bail bondsman. Scott Wagner did run a bail bonds business in the 1980s, but bail bondsman provide a service regardless of who is accused and before someone is convicted. If a judge determines someone is eligible for bail, bond agents are not held responsible for a supsects’ actions.” (WGAL, 4/11/18)
  • “In a slap at Wagner’s management of waste hauler Penn Waste, the ad said ‘toxic Wagner was cited 20 times breaking environment laws, including water pollution.’ The citations going back to 2001 mostly involved leaking trucks, while one involved polluting a storm water retention pond. However, a review of a state database of violations by other waste haulers did not show Penn Waste’s violations to be unusual or excessive.” (AP, 4/5/18)
  • “The ad ends with the caption ‘violent Wagner accused of brutal assault.’ However, Wagner was not charged in the incident and the campaign tracker did not appear to suffer more than a minor finger injury.” (AP, 4/5/18)