Wagner Campaign Releases New Statewide TV Ad: “Garbageman”

Spot Contrasts Wolf’s Tax and Spend Agenda With Wagner’s Mission To Protect Paychecks

The Wagner for Governor campaign announced today that it will launch a new statewide TV ad highlighting 2018 Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s fighter’s mentality and fiscal conservatism.  In “Garbageman,” a 30 second spot airing in all six markets across the Commonwealth, Wagner speaks directly to voters about the only contrast that matters in this year’s governor’s race – the one between him and Governor Wolf.

“Tom Wolf has spent his entire term in office trying to jam through crippling tax increases and spending measures at the expense of hardworking Pennsylvanians,” said campaign manager Jason High. “This ad will help voters realize that they have a chance to take the Commonwealth in a different direction. With Scott in office, the people of Pennsylvania will have a leader who will never back down in the fight to protect their paychecks and empower them to earn more.”

Watch the ad HERE.


SCOTT WAGNER: “Pennsylvania is a great state filled with good, hardworking people looking to get ahead. But Tom Wolf wants to raise taxes and take more of your paycheck. I’m Scott Wagner. I sign hundreds of paychecks each week. I see first-hand how much state government takes. I’m  blunt, outspoken and determined. I’m a garbageman. You won’t always agree with me, but know this, I’m on a mission to protect your paycheck and cut your taxes, and I will always put you first..


This latest positive commercial comes just over a week after the ABC27 / LNP debate, where Wagner asked Paul Mango to agree to a mutual pledge not to mention each other in their ads for the remainder of the primary – Mr. Mango refused. 

Paul Mango was the first candidate to run negative ads in the primary.

  • FEBRUARY 22 – Mango launches “The Right things To Do.” The thirty second spot flashes Wagner’s face on the screen as Mango says to camera, “And any politician caught skipping work shouldn’t get paid.”
  • MARCH  8 – Mango launches “Sons and Daughters.” The thirty second spot attacks Wagner on his abortion stance, despite the fact that Wagner has a 100 percent pro-life voting record. The Pennsylvania GOP and the Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation denounced the ad.
  • MARCH 13 – The Wagner for Governor campaign finally responded to Mango’s attacks by running, “Phony,” a policy / political contrast ad highlighting Mango’s pro-Obamacare, pro-outsourcing and pro-Wolf past. (Up until that point Wagner had only run two positive ads, “Tough” and “Scott’s Plan”.