Mango Announces Bid for Governor…

Contact: Jason E. High



(HARRISBURG, PA) – Yesterday in Pittsburgh, Paul Mango announced his run for Governor with a simple slogan – “Harrisburg is broken. I will work to fix it.” The only problem?  Scott Wagner’s been campaigning since February with pretty much the exact same slogan.

“Paul Mango agrees with Scott Wagner. Harrisburg is broken, and it needs fixed,” Wagner campaign manager, Jason High, said today. “I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but voters want the real deal when it comes to standing up for Pennsylvania taxpayers. They know Scott Wagner has walked the talk.”

Wagner’s “Harrisburg is broken and needs fixed,” message has been featured consistently during his campaign for Governor. Since his announcement, Wagner has railed against the dysfunction he says has left Pennsylvania broke and broken — attributing it to a lack of leadership, and a culture in which he says, “elected officials have turned their backs on the people — in favor of themselves, and special interests.”

In February of 2017, Wagner debuted his campaign website prominently featuring the message “Harrisburg is broke” and “It’s time to fix PA.”

A letter Wagner sent to Republican State Committee members, on May 15th, contained the statement, “Harrisburg is broken and I have a plan to fix it…”

“In fairness to Paul Mango, he had no previous involvement with changing Harrisburg,” High said. “While Scott Wagner was reforming the State Senate, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to elect reform-minded candidates, and standing up to liberal special interests, Paul Mango hasn’t made a contribution to a state candidate for seven years.  We welcome Paul Mango to the campaign, and we are glad he has a new found interest in changing Pennsylvania.”