We Stand for Freedom Together

We Stand for Freedom Together Yesterday, all Pittsburgh Steelers’ team members stayed out of sight during the National Anthem — all but one, that is. Alejandro Villanueva is a decorated Army Ranger who served three tours in Afghanistan and earned the Bronze Star for Valor before becoming an NFL player. Despite that the team elected…


Where is the Leadership?

Where is the Leadership? I recently wrapped up a six-week statewide listening tour during which I had the opportunity to meet several thousand hard-working Pennsylvanians. Almost everyone I talked with is concerned about the same issues: good paying jobs, the economy, the skilled labor crisis, the annual budget crisis, the heroin crisis, school taxes, and…

Travis Mills Foundation

Travis Mills: An American Hero

Travis Mills: An American Hero In August of last year, I had the privilege and honor to meet Army Staff Sargent Travis Mills when he came to York, PA to present to a Junior Achievement event that my waste company sponsored. Travis is an 82nd Airborne soldier who lost all four limbs on April 10,…