Wagner: $1.8 Million Private Cost Study Is Another Huge Wolf Failure

YORK, PA – Sen. Scott Wagner leveled sharp criticism today at Gov. Tom Wolf’s decision to spend $1.8 million in tax money for a private firm to figure out how to close the Commonwealth’s $600 million deficit.

The global consulting firm McKinsey & Company was awarded a no-bid contract for $300,000 a week, over a six-week period, to make suggestions to the Wolf Administration for ways to reduce the cost of state government, as well as provide ideas for which state taxes and fees to raise.

Wagner said, “After holding the taxpayers hostage for several months last year so he could get a budget that raised taxes while being nowhere near balanced, Tom Wolf now blows $1.8 million on a no-bid contract with an outside firm to tell him how to do his job. In 2014, Tom Wolf sold himself to the voters as a savvy businessman with state government experience. However, what we see in the Commonwealth’s CEO is the total failure of someone who is unsuited for the position, and it costs the taxpayers dearly every day he’s in office.”

Wagner, himself a successful York County businessman, is the only person in Pennsylvania’s history to win a seat in the General Assembly with a write-in campaign, which he waged in 2014 after Harrisburg powerbrokers tried to install their chosen candidate through political machinations.  Wagner has steadfastly opposed every element of Wolf’s tax-and-spend agenda.