Scott Wagner’s Statement of Gov. Wolf’s Budget Proposal

(YORK, Pa.) – Scott Wagner released the following statement today about Gov. Tom Wolf’s proposed FY2017-18 state budget:

“Governor Wolf has changed his tone after the last two years of his failed budget proposals and finally acknowledges the need to control spending and live within our means. Unfortunately, Governor Wolf should have used the “live within our means” strategy two years ago.

Several times in his budget address Governor Wolf used the term “cuts.” When Governor Wolf campaigned three years ago he portrayed himself as a private sector business owner who turned around his family business. Governor Wolf simply does not possess the skills to solve Pennsylvania’s budget crisis.

I have been in Harrisburg for almost three years and I see first hand how out of control many of the agencies really are. I have not run around the capitol yelling that we need to “cut here and cut there”.

In fact, I have been crystal clear that each and every agency must be managed so we can measure the success and failure of every dollar spent in Harrisburg. Year after year, there is always a budget crisis and everyone takes the easiest path to pass a budget by cutting costs somewhere without managing, measuring or holding agencies accountable for waste and mismanagement.

In 2016, I participated in the formation of a taxpayer caucus along with House Member Seth Grove and other House and Senate Members that identified over $2 billion dollars in cost savings simply by managing, measuring and accountability.

Governor Wolf has not at any time met with our group to review our findings.

Last week it was disclosed that Governor Wolf awarded a $1.8 Million Dollar no-bid contract with McKinsey & Co to identify cost savings. The work of the taxpayer caucus was completely overlooked.

The budget presented by Governor Wolf involves taxing the natural gas industry along with several other taxes on businesses and citizens.

For Governor Wolf it is easier to tax people and businesses without any real plan.

Governor Wolf is a failed governor and the 2018 elections cannot come soon enough to replace him.”