Fighting Tom Wolf’s Radical Liberal Agenda

(YORK, PA) Yesterday, I sent an email blast explaining the power that the public sector government unions have over Harrisburg.

I have repeatedly expressed that the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA), is the number one public sector union that opposes any type of reform in Harrisburg, particularly pension reform and school tax elimination.

Apparently as a result of my email blast yesterday, I have gotten the PSEA’s attention.

Last evening, with the click of a button on a computer keyboard, the PSEA sent an email blast to their 180,000 teacher members.

The email sent out by the PSEA is shown at the end of my email.

When you read the email sent out by the PSEA, it clear to see that the PSEA is trying to raise money for their left-wing, anti-children political agenda by attacking me and one of my colleagues, Senator John Eichelberger, by telling their members inaccurate information.

I need your help to fight the PSEA Union Bosses who are blocking critical reforms that need to take place in Harrisburg.Every single day, I hear from people that their number one concern is about school taxes on real estate. Last evening, I held a tele-townhall meeting and 90% of the questions I received were questioning what we are doing in Harrisburg to solve this large problem.

Let me be crystal clear…

The PSEA Union Bosses are against any effort to eliminate school taxes on real estate.

The PSEA Union Bosses are opposed to any pension reform.

The PSEA Union Bosses are against paycheck protection, which is the deduction of union dues from teacher paychecks.

The PSEA Union Bosses are against the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.

Governor Wolf and the PSEA Union Bosses have a very strong relationship with each other.

The PSEA was the largest contributor to Governor Wolf’s campaign when he ran for Governor.

The PSEA has to be stopped and I will lead the fight against the PSEA, so that we are able to enact reforms in Harrisburg that benefit the taxpayers, not the PSEA union machine.

Please support me with this fight by taking a minute to donate whatever you can – $5, $10, $20 or even $50 dollars will go a long way toward helping me to defeat Governor Wolf and the PSEA Union Bosses.

Please click on the following link to contribute to my campaign – DONATE.

Thank you,

Scott Wagner

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