wake up pennsylvania

Dear Pennsylvania: It is Time to Wake Up

(YORK, PA) This sinking ship is exactly why I am running to be the next Governor of Pennsylvania.

If it were a movie, it would be billed as “The Amazing Dysfunction of the USS Pennsylvania,” starring waste, abuse and zero accountability. Incredibly, it is no movie.

The following are real quotes from press conference, held this past Tuesday by Pennsylvania’s Auditor General to reveal the findings of his audit of the Department of Labor & Industry:

“People have a right to be frustrated by what we found.” 

“To say that [the current system] is held together with bubble gum would be an insult to bubble gum.”

“UC accounting problems stunning.”
“We have found very high levels of incompetence here, and wasted taxpayer money.”
“The current computer system that is in place was installed before Alaska and Hawaii became states in 1959.”

The findings by Pennsylvania’s Auditor General about the Department of Labor and Industry’s Unemployment Call Center computer system are stunning, but it gets better.

In response to the auditor general’s findings, which were released April 25th, Secretary of Labor & Industry, Kathy Manderino, said:

“All funds expended in the last four years were spent appropriately.”  

Is Secretary Manderino living on the same planet as the rest of us?

The Pennsylvania Auditor General detailed the waste and abuse of hundreds of millions of dollars, and she issues a statement basically saying that the Department of Labor and Industry did nothing wrong?

Are you kidding me?

To say that Governor Tom Wolf is a failed Governor would be an understatement.

The USS Pennsylvania is sinking fast with Governor Wolf as the captain.

Harrisburg needs a leader and fast.

Here is my point to this whole mess.

This is just one department with massive problems and there are at least two dozen more.

All of them are plagued by waste, abuse and zero accountability.

So here it is folks  – “it is fish, or cut bait time.”

The swamp in Harrisburg needs drained, right now, and I have the tools and the leadership skills to drain and fill it with fresh, clean water.

In closing, I make this statement: “Dear Pennsylvanians, it is time to wake up, the ship is sinking!”

I’ve said this repeatedly, if I operated my businesses for just one week the way Harrisburg operates I would be out of business, but I don’t operate that way, and neither will Harrisburg when I am Governor.

Please consider helping me take the wheel in Harrisburg by contributing $5, $10, or whatever you can afford.

Simply click here to make a contribution to my campaign.

Time is running out. Can I count on you?

Thank you,

Scott Wagner

P.S. For a copy of the press release from the Auditor General’s office please click here.