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Your Tax Dollars Lining the Pockets of Political Hacks

(York, PA) Unbelievable – here is another story that you simply cannot make up.
Last year Governor Tom Wolf orchestrated the transfer of $10 million of your tax dollars from the State of Pennsylvania to the host committee of the Democratic National Convention held in Philadelphia last year, which was chaired by Ed Rendell. It was the largest convention “donation,” and it went toward propping up the failed candidacy of Hillary Clinton. All told, the committee raised $86 million.

We’re now learning that the committee had a $4 million surplus after the convention.The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that instead of returning this money to Pennsylvania taxpayers, the committee paid out $1 million in bonuses to Democrat political consultants. These payouts included $310,000 to the executive director – who was already paid $13,000 a MONTH for the past two years.

Republican State Senator Joe Scarnati is requesting an audit of how this money was spent, and why your tax dollars were used to line the pockets of these political consultants. I fully support Senator Scarnati’s request, and we absolutely must demand accountability.

Add your name to support an open and transparent investigation into the misuse of Pennsylvania funds by the Democratic National Convention.

This is just another example of Democrat corruption and cronyism in Pennsylvania. When I’m Governor, things will be different. I’ll fight tirelessly to change the entrenched culture of Harrisburg, where politicians would rather skim millions of your tax dollars and funnel them to the Obama-Clinton machine than support struggling Pennsylvania families.

Add your name to stand with me.

Thank you,

Scott Wagner