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Wolf: A Roadblock to Reform

(HARRISBURG, PA) – Pennsylvania State Senator and Republican Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner this morning criticized Governor Tom Wolf for his announcement that he will sign a watered-down version of pension reform today that was passed last week by the House and Senate.

“The House and Senate passed pension reform in June of 2015 that would have placed all employees into a full 401-k style program, and the Governor vetoed it on July 09, 2015,” Senator Wagner explained. “Everyone in Harrisburg knows that was the real solution to the pension plan design problem, not the legislation that Governor Wolf is signing today.”

Senator Wagner also criticized a provision in the legislation that allows current lawmakers to stay in the old pension system.

“Governor Wolf is allowing lawmakers to keep their premium pension plans while working-class Pennsylvanians are struggling,” continued Wagner.

“This is just more evidence of how out-of-touch this Governor is – he is once again failing to do what is right by Pennsylvanians so that he can protect his special interest donors.”

Once elected Governor, Senator Wagner will make a mandatory 401-k plan for all state workers a top priority of his administration, in addition to other benefit reforms that are vital to reigning in state spending.