Another Tom Wolf Budget Failure

HARRISBURG, PA – State Senator and Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner today criticized Governor Tom Wolf for his failure to lead budget negotiations with the General Assembly for a third year in a row.

“Once again, Governor Wolf’s insatiable appetite for digging into the taxpayer’s paycheck has resulted in a budget that is imbalanced and will become law without his signature,” commented Wagner. “Governor Wolf apparently doesn’t realize that it’s his job to lead budget discussions and that as the Governor he needs to take responsibility for the process and the outcome. For three years now, the outcome that we’ve seen under Governor Wolf has been appalling. If he isn’t going to lead then what good is he doing as governor?”

Wagner pointed to a recent account reported by as evidence of Governor Wolf’s failures to lead: As further evidence of frustration, GOP sources said it took the governor 14 hours to respond to the GOP proposal sent to him on Saturday, and the most recent rejection (the third such denial) was simply a refusal, with no counter-offer.”

“The very same day that I kick off my statewide listening tour to travel the state and talk to Pennsylvanians about what concerns them, Tom Wolf gives further evidence that he is completely tone deaf when it comes to what his constituents want,” continued Wagner. “The people of Pennsylvania want a government that runs efficiently, provides necessary services effectively, and that gets out of their wallets. That’s the type of state government that we’ll have when I’m Governor. We need leadership from the Governor, not more of Tom Wolf’s failures.”