Running out of money?

Running Out of Money?

Last week, the front page of a York local newspaper caught my eye because the headline quoted our Auditor General as saying the state was “running out of money.”

In the article he said that a $750 million loan from the Pennsylvania Treasury Department would keep the state afloat temporarily, but that we’d be broke by the end of the month without “lawmakers’ intervention.”

Folks, I know garbage when I see it, and this is garbage.

When you hear politicians say “lawmakers’ intervention,” they mean “votes for tax increases”. We are not going to run out of money. The state continues to enjoy “cash flow” because it continues to deduct taxes from your paychecks. It continues to collect fees for licenses and permits, and sales tax from you.

This “sky is falling” fib is to justify Governor Wolf’s proposed tax increase package (which will show up on your gas bill, cable bill, telephone and electric bill).

Don’t fall for it, because the stakes are sky high.

Last week while traveling PA on my Listening Tour, for example, I spoke with a senior manager at a company which employs several thousand Pennsylvanians. He told me that Governor Wolf’s proposed tax increase package would cost their company at least $3 million dollars per year, which would force them to “consider layoffs,” and to potentially shut down PA operations and move to another state.

This is one of many companies. Many companies have already gone, many will go, and many will never come to Pennsylvania.

This is why Pennsylvania ranks in the bottom five states for job seekers — because Governor Wolf is taxing and regulating job opportunities to death.

This is why we are ranked the 8th worst run state in the nation
— because Tom Wolf has no idea how to manage state government.

This is why we are ranked in the top ten most unfriendly tax states — because Tom Wolf has just one trick in his bag: using the giant claw of government to extract money from taxpayers. Anyone can spend someone else’s money.

Add your name to say “no” to Tom Wolf’s new tax increases.

40 years of effective, responsible management in the private sector have allowed me to turn people’s trash into millions of dollars, jobs and paychecks. I look forward to bringing that kind of management and leadership to Pennsylvania state government.

Hardworking Pennsylvanians deserve a new day — with a new governor who has the ability to manage the state so that it’s thriving, not continually hemorrhaging jobs — and your hard earned dollars.

Voters will get that opportunity in November of 2018 when they can vote Tom Wolf out of the Governor’s office, and vote me in.


Scott Wagner

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