Where is the Leadership?

I recently wrapped up a six-week statewide listening tour during which I had the opportunity to meet several thousand hard-working Pennsylvanians.

Almost everyone I talked with is concerned about the same issues: good paying jobs, the economy, the skilled labor crisis, the annual budget crisis, the heroin crisis, school taxes, and out-of-control regulatory agencies.

Last Thursday, during one of those conversations, a woman said something to me that really resonated.

“Tom Wolf is nothing more than the state’s PR Director,” she said — and she’s dead right.

Governor Wolf is notoriously missing in action when it comes to the budget crisis but is front and center in parades and press conferences around the state. The governor continually spins a fluffy fairy tale about how well Harrisburg is working for taxpayers.

Folks, let’s cut to the chase. Pennsylvania needs a Governor who is a problem solver, not a Public Relations Director.

Add your name to say “NO!” to Tom Wolf’s new tax increases!

Pennsylvania state agencies are out of control. Waste, fraud and abuse of taxpayer dollars is in full swing with no end in sight. Where is Tom Wolf?

Because of gross mismanagement in 2016, the PA School Employees Retirement System (PSERS) had an absolutely pathetic return on investment (just 1.29%) — an underperformance that left us behind by approximately $3 billion dollars. Where was Tom Wolf?

Worse, if the underperformance of PSERS isn’t managed skillfully going forward, we’re probably looking at tax increases of $4 billion per year for the next five years to make up for it. But how in the world can we expect skillful management from a governor whose lousy management is what put us in this boat?

We can’t!!

Harrisburg wasted almost $1 billion dollars on a statewide radio system that does not work. Where was Tom Wolf?

Harrisburg wasted over $410 million dollars on a computer system that was never installed. Where was Tom Wolf?

A Brazilian company that wanted to build a $500 million dollar manufacturing plant near Philadelphia, that would have employed several thousand people, went to Texas instead because Tom Wolf’s administration dragged its feet on the approval process. Where was Tom Wolf?

And just this past month a large technology manufacturer made a decision to locate in Wisconsin over Pennsylvania where they’re going to invest $10 billion dollars in a plant – which would initially create 3000 jobs and over time increase to 13,500 jobs that would have paid an average of $56,000 per year. Where was Tom Wolf?

Like the CEO of any large entity, the governor should be leading the state through rough times, and setting the vision to seize future opportunities.

Where is that leadership? Where is that vision?

I can answer that. While you’ll see plenty of tax increases and public relations tactics, what you won’t see, so long as Tom Wolf is Governor, are leadership and vision.

That’s why I’m running for Governor.

I see the problems, and not only am I not running away from them, I’m anxious to fix them. I’m running straight at them. I see the opportunities — not for myself and the special interests, but for YOU and the state of Pennsylvania. Folks, I’m ready to fix PA.

Let’s get Wolf out, and get it done.

Join my campaign today.