wolf's budget address

A Billion on Your Back

Were you paying attention this morning? Every newspaper in the state is talking about the incredible dysfunction in Harrisburg after Tom Wolf said he’s taking out a billion dollar loan — and making you the cosigner. He is out of his mind.

This began back in July when Governor Wolf mandated massive spending without money to pay for it. It’s the standard recipe for bankruptcy in your household — and it’s no different in state government.

Acknowledging his gross mismanagement, Standard & Poor’s lowered Governor Wolf’s credit rating, for the second time.

Since then, lawmakers have been desperately scrambling to find a way to keep Tom Wolf’s recklessness from emptying your wallet.

But yesterday, Governor Wolf threw a massive temper tantrum and announced that he’s done playing games. He’s going to borrow a billion — and put it on your back.

Folks, one way or another, Tom Wolf is going to spend big, and he’s going to tax big. This incredible dysfunction doesn’t stop until he goes.

Add your name to help me get Tom Wolf out of office and out of your wallet.

Thank you,

Scott Wagner