Critics on Wolf's Budget Address


Tom Wolf’s approval numbers are “dismal,” according to a just-released poll, with only 35% of those surveyed believing Tom Wolf deserves another term in office.

The results suggest voters are discovering the connection between their empty wallets and Governor Wolf’s liberal taxing and spending.

I think it’s just the beginning.

Sooner or later, voters will make the same connection to Governor Wolf’s gross mismanagement. It’s every bit as devastating — if not more so — to hard working Pennsylvanians.

You can’t spend, waste and misplace tax dollars like money grows on trees and not hurt the taxpayer. You can’t treat taxpayers like pack mules and think they’re not going to catch on.

Add your name here to let Governor Wolf know that his days are numbered.

Help me get Tom Wolf out of office and out of your wallet.

Thank you,

Scott Wagner