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Says Pennsylvania can be the Comeback State


Contact: Jason High
Campaign Manager
Phone: (814) 414-1264
Email: jason@wagnerforgov.com
Nov. 17, 2017

YORK, PA – Gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner today released a letter of support he received from influential Republican leaders across the commonwealth.

In part, the letter, which notes Wolf’s failed policy and lack of leadership, reads, “When we look at a ticket with Scott Wagner for Governor and Jeff Bartos for Lieutenant Governor, we see two conservative outsiders with over 60 years of combined business expertise…the team to win in November of 2018…and ensure our Commonwealth reaches its full potential.”

Wagner, who has vigorously criticized Governor Tom Wolf for what he calls “gross spending and mismanagement” said, “We are very pleased to receive this support, because it reinforces how critical it is that Pennsylvania have leadership that actually knows how to build business, manage assets, compete, and win. Governor Wolf has only demonstrated he knows how to spend taxpayer money. His handy work has left Pennsylvania broke, ranked at the bottom, and people hurting.”

When it comes to national rankings, it’s true Pennsylvania trends near the bottom. In July of 2017, 24/7 Wall St. ranked Pennsylvania as the 9th worst run state in the nation. Wagner added that Pennsylvania is ranked even lower when it comes to jobs, growth and tax friendliness, saying “Governor Wolf only sees taxpayers’ wallets. He doesn’t see how what he’s doing impacts real people. I do, and I see a tremendous opportunity to apply what I know about building business and winning — to make Pennsylvania the comeback state, a winner for its people.”

The full text of the letter follows:

November 14, 2017

Dear Scott Wagner and Jeff Bartos,

As Republican County Committee Chairs and Republican State Committee Members in Pennsylvania we realize the important task ahead. Now that the 2017 election has come and gone we shift our focus to a critical midterm election in 2018.

For the last three years, Harrisburg has been plagued by a lack of leadership and failed policies. Governor Tom Wolf and Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack Continue to push an agenda that has hampered economic growth, hurt taxpayers, and left our state in financial ruins.

The many issues that are dragging Pennsylvania to the bottom of every national list have to change for our state to survive and prosper. The election of 2018 MUST bring new leadership to Harrisburg to stop the bleeding of state government and seize opportunities for Pennsylvanians.

We must replace our current Governor and Lieutenant Governor with new Republican leaders. To take back the top two offices and get Pennsylvania Working again it will take strong, courageous, experienced, skilled, visionary, Conservative leaders.

When We look at a ticket with Scott Wagner for Governor and Jeff Bartos for Lieutenant Governor, we see those qualities, that strength and that vision. We see two conservative outsiders with over 60 years of combined business expertise. In short, we see you as the team to win in November of 2018- the one that can and will stop the Wolf/Stack agenda in its tracks, and ensure our Commonwealth reaches its full potential.

The individuals who have signed this letter are excited to announce our support for the two of you in your run for Governor and Lieutenant Governor. Good luck


Sam DeMarco
Allegheny County

David Gillingham
Allegheny County

Natalie Mihalek
Allegheny County

Mike Baker
Armstrong County

Jen Baker
Armstrong County

Bill Rush
Armstrong County

Tonya Clark
Bedford County

Evan Shircliffe
Bedford County

James Billman
Berks County

Pat Daly
Berks County

Debra Shea
Berks County

Richard Harris
Bradford County

Joyce Haas
Centre County

Steven Miller
Centre County

Louisa Gaughen
Cumberland County

Lowman Henry
Dauphin County

Philip English
Erie County

Karen Kirley
Erie County