Wagner-Bartos Ticket
Jeff Bartos and I are conservative outsiders teaming up to defeat Tom Wolf and fix the mess in Harrisburg.


As you may have heard, I’m throwing my support behind a new candidate for Lieutenant Governor – my friend, conservative outsider and Pennsylvania businessman, Jeff Bartos.

Like me, Jeff is an outsider who has seen the town he grew up in go into a deep decline, and he’s tired of waiting around for politicians to fix it. Stand with Jeff and me to clean up Harrisburg.

Jeff is a successful small businessman who runs contracting and real estate businesses in the Commonwealth. He’s a business and community leader who is deeply committed to service and focuses his charitable efforts on education and at-risk children.

Jeff decided to enter this gubernatorial campaign with me so we can unify Republicans and focus on the real task at hand – replacing Tom Wolf so PA can be a winner for its people rather than its politicians.

I’m incredibly excited about this new chapter of the campaign – now we need to capitalize on our momentum.

Click the button below to help Jeff and me defeat Tom Wolf and fix PA.


Thank you,

Scott Wagner

P.S. My finance team has set a big end of month fundraising goal to help Jeff and me have enough resources to beat Tom Wolf. We’ve got to raise $30,000 before midnight on November 30th. Can you help?