Tom Wolf conspires


BREAKING: Tom Wolf Conspires with Soros in California



As if the stakes weren’t high enough already, this raises them exponentially.

Liberal billionaire George Soros and Tom Wolf are teaming up to “build permanent progressive power” in our state. That’s right. They hosted a whole “resistance” conference in California where they planned new ways to keep power in the hands of their billionaire friends.

They weren’t at all concerned with the hardworking people of this country. Tom Wolf didn’t defend Pennsylvanians at all!

And we know why. They think THEY know better than YOU. This is the kind of elitist politics that we have come to expect from Governor Wolf, and it’s why we MUST drain the swamp in Harrisburg.

We can start in Pennsylvania by getting rid of Tom Wolf.

I Agree, Tom Wolf Needs To Go!
It’s never been more clear Tom Wolf would rather spend time with out-of-state liberal donors than doing his job and fixing the mess he’s created in our state government.

Together, we can replace Tom Wolf and fix PA today.

If you’re tired of Tom Wolf and want real leadership in Harrisburg, use this link to join me today.