television ad

HARRISBURG, PA – 2017 Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s campaign announced today it will launch a new television ad, “Tough.” The ad will air in media markets across Pennsylvania and highlights how Wagner’s business background has him prepared to reform Harrisburg.
“Scott has spent the last 37 years as a business leader committed to improving companies and creating economic opportunity,” said campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo. “Governor Wolf’s poor management and failed policies have made Pennsylvania the fifth-worst run state in the country and Scott is the only candidate with the operations experience necessary to turn Harrisburg around. As governor, Scott will be committed to eliminating property taxes, reducing wasteful spending and getting government out of the way of hardworking Pennsylvanians.”

Watch HERE:


SCOTT WAGNER: “Hi, I’m Scott Wagner. If there is one thing I’m familiar with, it’s taking out the trash. I started this business from the ground up. Harrisburg insiders take care of themselves, not us. I’m running for governor to clean up their mess. My plan will junk the property tax, cut wasteful spending and put big government in the dumpster. I’ve taken out trash before, career politicians are going to be real easy.”