inspector general's report

HARRISBURG, PA – 2018 Republican gubernatorial  candidate Scott Wagner, along with his running mate Jeff Bartos, today called on Governor Wolf to bring transparency to Harrisburg by releasing the Inspector General’s report on the investigation into the mistreatment of residence staff by Lieutenant Governor Stack.

“The Lieutenant Governor is a public official who was elected and is paid by the people of Pennsylvania and they deserve to know what was in the Inspector General’s report. said Senator Scott Wagner. “Governor Wolf’s decision to conceal this information in order to protect a political ally is just the latest example of his willingness to put his own interests above his responsibilities to taxpayers. This type of secrecy is exactly what Pennsylvanians despise about Harrisburg insiders, and as governor, I promise I would put a stop to it.”

Jeff Bartos added, “Pennsylvanians should be given a chance to make an informed choice about who they want as their next lieutenant governor. If elected, I will lead Pennsylvania with professionalism and will respect all those who work in our government. If Lieutenant Governor Stack has failed to meet that same standard then it is Governor Wolf’s duty as a leader to make it known.”

Editorial boards in Pennsylvania have also taken note of  Wolf decision not to release the Inspector General’s report.

“Wolf’s administration has now clearly dropped the ball with its decision not to make public a report by the state Inspector General’s office that investigated  complaints of mistreatment of staff by Lt. Gov. Mike Stack and his wife, Tonya. (PennLive, 12/13/17)

“The report is an account of the behavior of a high-ranking public official; there is no reason for the public not to have access to it. Wolf should release it.” (Scranton Times-Tribune12/15/17)