Wagner Straw Poll Results

Wagner Statement On State Committee Straw Poll Results

2018 Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner this past weekend attended three Pennsylvania Republican State Committee Caucuses to present to conservative leaders his vision to clean up Harrisburg. After hearing from candidates, the Central, Northeast and NECRA Caucuses each conducted endorsement straw polls. Wagner received 91 out of a potential 140 votes,  the most of any candidate (Central – 62 , Northeast – 18, NECRA – 11).  His closest opponent only received 30 votes.

“I am honored to have the support of so many influential members of the Republican State Committee,” said Scott Wagner. “While I felt it was important to carry my home region of Central Pennsylvania, I am also pleased with our performance in the Northeast and NECRA Caucuses. This weekend’s overwhelming victories in all three straw polls demonstrate that our goal to change the culture of Harrisburg  is shared by many and is resonating in every part of the Commonwealth.”

Wagner added, “I will spend the following weeks continuing to bring members of our Party together so we can stand united to defeat Tom Wolf in November and turn Harrisburg back over to the people.”