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Wants Natural Gas Companies To Pay Additional Burdensome Fee

Governor Wolf is once again boasting about his record in support of additional taxes on Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry. In a recent blog post, Wolf’s campaign noted that the Governor is “devoted to continuing his fight for passing a severance tax,” despite also highlighting the fact that these companies already are forced to pay drilling fees.

The Governor’s post contains the following quote from The Morning Call: “Every year since being in office, Wolf has proposed a severance tax on natural gas drillers who already pay an impact fee on wells.” (Allentown Morning Call9/29/18)

“It’s baffling to me that Governor Wolf continues to view Pennsylvania companies as personal ATM machines to fund his excessive spending and mismanagement habits,” said 2018 Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner. “The natural gas industry is burdened enough by excessive regulations and an impact fee that has brought in over $1.2 billion to Harrisburg since 2012. As someone who has actually started a business from the ground up and has dealt with a hostile business tax climate for nearly 40 years, I urge Governor Wolf to stop trying to force the the private sector to bail him out for his inability to rein in spending in Harrisburg.”

Later today, Scott Wagner will participate in the Marcellus Coalition Candidate Forum in Pittsburgh, where he will address the importance of protecting the natural gas industry from harmful taxes and share his plans for reducing the excessive regulations that plague the second largest natural gas producer in the United States.