Scott's Plan

Wagner Campaign Launches New Statewide TV Ad: “Scott’s Plan”

2018 Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s campaign announced today it will launch a new television ad, “Scott’s Plan.” The ad will be the campaign’s second to air in media markets across Pennsylvania and contrasts the difference between Tom Wolf’s record of excessive taxes, wasteful spending and government mismanagement with the pro-jobs approach Wagner plans to bring to Harrisburg.

“Scott has nearly 40 years of business experience,”  said Campaign Manager Jason High. “He’s issued more than a million paychecks. There’s no question Scott knows how to create jobs and foster economic growth for hardworking Pennsylvanians. Governor Wolf’s three years in office have brought nothing more than failed, liberal economic policies and Scott is running for governor to present voters with a better option. Scott  is committed to bringing an innovative management approach to the Governor’s Office that will result in more money in people’s pockets and less in the coffers of Harrisburg insiders.”

Watch HERE.


SCOTT WAGNER: “Tom Wolf’s never ending tax hikes have hurt Pennsylvanians. Wolf’s record on jobs – a disgrace. I’ve spent my life signing the front of paychecks. Companies create jobs, not politicians. And we’ll create more paychecks by cutting big government. My plan eliminates the property tax, cuts wasteful spending and makes government accountable to us instead of the Harrisburg insiders.”

NARRATOR: “Tough. Businessman. Conservative. Scott Wagner for Governor.”