2018 Republican State Committee Endorsement

Wagner Raised Over $2.5 Million From Donors In 2017

2018 Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner and his running mate Jeff Bartos today reported a combined $7 million cash-on-hand. Wagner also raised over $2.5 million from donors in 2017. He received donations from more than 3,300 different Pennsylvanians, who contributed to 78 percent of the amount he raised.

“We’re grateful for the broad support our campaign to change the status quo in Harrisburg has earned throughout the Commonwealth,” said Wagner and Bartos. “The people of Pennsylvania are excited about finally having a government that answers to them, and the strong financial backing we’re receiving will be critical in making that happen.”

“We had two main goals for our 2017 fundraising efforts and we achieved both of them,”said Campaign Manager Jason High. “Our first goal was to raise as much money as possible from as many unique donors as possible. Our second goal was to incentivize even stronger finance numbers in 2018 by proving to our donors that we will provide them with tangible returns on their investments. By putting our resources toward voter contact and a robust paid media plan, we were able to take Scott’s outsider message across the Commonwealth, resulting in a substantial lead in internal polling and overwhelming support in the State Committee endorsement process.”

Finance Director Jenise Harris said of the announcement, “Today’s report demonstrates that our focus on building grassroots enthusiasm for Scott’s candidacy is paying off. In an age where statewide campaigns are relying more and more on national dollars, the bulk of our donations came from Pennsylvanians. We are encouraged by what we raised last year, but we will continue to fundraise aggressively so that we have the necessary resources to defeat Tom Wolf in November.”