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 Wagner Criticizes Wolf For Usurping Legislative Authority On Congressional Map

Urges Governor to Heed Advice of Democratic Colleagues; Work With Legislature

2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner today condemned Governor Wolf for indicating that he is prepared to act outside the realm of his constitutional authority and submit a new congressional map to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court without the consent of the legislature.

As reported by WESA on Monday, “Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is promising he’ll send a politically impartial congressional district map to the state Supreme Court by its Thursdaydeadline if the Republican-controlled legislature cannot draw one themselves. ‘“What happens next, in any case, is that I take a look at this map and have a panel of objective experts look at it,’ Wolf said Monday.”

“There’s a difference between leadership, and trampling on the Pennsylvania Constitution, and it’s clear Governor Wolf doesn’t get it, said Scott Wagner. “Our House and Senate leadership did a good job with the map based on the short amount of time they were given by the Supreme Court, and if the Governor doesn’t like what was presented to him, he should come to the table and negotiate, rather than politicizing the issue to curry favor with national, liberal interest groups.”

Additionally, Wolf’s decision to act on his own accord is at odds with what Democratic leaders in the legislature have said they wanted out of the process.

In a letter to Governor Wolf on Friday, Senate Democratic Leader Jay Costa and House Democratic Leader Frank Dermody criticized the Republican drawn map, stating, “This map was not the product of bipartisan work, nor is it a piece of legislation that passed through both of our chambers.” (Letter to Governor Wolf, 2/9/18)

Wagner pointed to the comments made by Democratic Leadership, adding,“Governor Wolf should take the advice of Leaders Costa and Dermody and let the elected representatives of the people of Pennsylvania have a vote on the map before it goes to the Supreme Court.”