gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner


“Outsider gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner gets used to running in the inside lane”

2018 Republican gubernatorial Scott Wagner and his running mate Jeff Bartos recently sat down with Chris Potter of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette for their first exclusive interview since each member of the ticket received the Republican party’s endorsement this past weekend. You can read some of the highlights from the article below.


Outsider gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner gets used to running in the inside lane
Chris Potter
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
February 15, 2018

Viewed one way, state Sen. Scott Wagner’s endorsement by the Republican Party’s state committee was no surprise. By the time committee people met in Hershey last weekend to make their choice, he’d been courting them for months.

Still, the endorsement capped a stunning political rise: In just four years, the York trash-hauling executive has gone from a special-election write-in candidate — who bested Republican and Democratic rivals — to the choice of party leaders.

Calling the endorsement “a demonstration of courage,” Mr. Wagner urged that to defeat Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf, “it’s critical and important that we come together.” In an interview, he told the Post-Gazette that an issue like opioid abuse is “not a Republican problem solely, it’s not a Democrat problem solely. … Pennsylvania is starving for somebody who cares about them.”

Jeff Bartos, a Montgomery County businessman who hopes to be Mr. Wagner’s lieutenant governor, said the campaign would meet concerns about Mr. Wagner’s style head-on. After visiting Mr. Wagner’s business, “that type of teamwork doesn’t come about because somebody is bombastic. It comes because employees love working for him.”

Senate Republican leader Jake Corman, meanwhile, said that while “people are looking for outsiders, [Mr. Wagner] has some inside ability to govern.”

Mr. Corman said Mr. Wagner “can be a bull in the china shop.” But he credits his attitude — “We’re here to do a job, not keep a job” — with the legislature’s growing willingness to advance a conservative agenda.

After all, the American Conservative Union rates Mr. Wagner a strong conservative, one who votes in line with its positions nine times in 10.

Just don’t call Mr. Wagner an insider.

“I don’t see myself as part of the establishment,” he told reporters after the endorsement vote. “I’m a member of a team.”

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