court order on redistricting

Wagner Urges Governor Wolf To Ignore Court Order On Redistricting 

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Would Direct Secretary Of The Commonwealth To Keep Old Map In Place

2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner today called on Governor Wolf to ignore the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision to circumvent the authority of the legislature and draw its own congressional map. Wagner believes that the Pennsylvania Supreme Court does not have the constitutional authority to draw a new map, and argues the Governor has the power to choose not to enforce the Court order on redistricting.

Wagner issued the following statement on the issue: 

“If I were governor, I would refuse to implement the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s remedial map and I would instruct the Secretary of the Commonwealth to oversee the 2018 elections under our old map – the map that was created by bipartisan, elected representatives of the people.

“This redistricting fight was never about fair maps. This fight is about Tom Wolf enabling a politically-motivated Court to do the bidding of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Nancy Pelosi and George Soros in exchange for their campaign contributions. It’s nothing less than a quid-pro-quo.

“Rulings by the Supreme Court only have weight if the Governor chooses to implement them. If a governor can’t stand up to an order he deems unconstitutional, then he is a mere subordinate of the Court.

“I urge Governor Wolf to stand up to the national, liberal special interests that are trying to carve up Pennsylvania and keep the 2011 map in place.”