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Wagner and Wolf reach back to push forward

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s John Baer yesterday penned an opinion piece outlining the campaign developing between 2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner and Governor Tom Wolf. Baer’s analysis indicates that if Wagner’s decision to call for a mandatory death sentence for school shooters is any indication of what’s to come, voters can expect to see the York businessman run on a populous platform defending the people of Pennsylvania from the special interests and the status-quo that Governor Wolf represents. Spoiler alert – Baer’s right. 


Wagner and Wolf reach back to push forward
John Baer
Philadelphia Inquirer
February 27, 2018

York County State Sen. Wagner, presumed front-runner for the GOP nod to run against Wolf this fall, used a Pennsylvania Press Club speech this week to body-slam Wolf and offer questionable solutions to school shootings.

He called for a mandatory death sentence for anyone killing anyone in a school or on school grounds. He said he’s introducing legislation to make it state law.

And he called Wolf “our gutless governor” for ordering a moratorium on Pennsylvania’s death penalty in Feburary 2015.

“Tom Wolf would prioritize the life of an evil school shooter over the lives of innocent children,” Wagner said.

Despite this, a Wagner campaign spokesman tells me Wagner believes his legislation will be constitutional and, if challenged, appealed “as high as necessary,” and that Wagner believes the current Supreme Court would rule in his favor.

Before you call this delusional, remember that delusional thinking has never dissuaded populist pols, or prevented them from winning elections.

Wagner also called for a “highly trained armed security officer in every school building in the commonwealth.”

Wagner said, “People may ask, `How can we pay for this?’ And my answer is simple:  How can we not?” When pressed, he said, “There’s money, and I’m going to find the money.”

Wagner, who made millions running trucking and trash companies, ended his speech with, “We’re going to start taking out the trash in Pa., and that begins with Tom Wolf.”

Basic message: Wagner, savior of children; Wolf, gutless trash.

So, if Wagner wins the GOP primary over Pittsburgh’s Paul Mango and Laura Ellsworth, expect a Trump-like trek to November. In Wolf’s case, expect more Wolf. Then we’ll see what piece of Pennsylvania electoral history rises and repeats itself.

Read the full piece HERE.