Wagner Campaign Releases New Statewide TV Ad: “Phony”

Spot Highlights Paul Mango’s Record of Kowtowing To Liberal Agenda

2018 Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s campaign announced today it will launch a new television ad this week entitled, “Phony.” The ad will be the campaign’s third to air in all six media markets across Pennsylvania. While Paul Mango has been attempting to present himself as conservative, the thirty-second spot exposes voters across the Commonwealth to Mango’s support for Obamacare, his firm’s emphasis on shipping American jobs overseas and the $2 million no bid contract McKinsey accepted from Governor Wolf.

“Paul Mango’s attempt to convince voters that he is a true conservative is just as dishonest as his irresponsible attacks on Scott’s pro-life record,” said campaign manager Jason High. “This ad will set the record straight, and make it clear to the people of Pennsylvania who Paul Mango really is and what he stands for. Paul Mango is for more government in our healthcare system, more jobs being taken away from hardworking Pennsylvanians and more spoils for liberal special interests. We already have a Governor who the media has dubbed the most liberal in America, why would we want to replace him with another one?”

Watch the ad HERE.




NARRATOR: See this Paul Mango ad? He’s a phony. These people behind him – actors. No real Republicans support Mango…

That’s because Mango was the leading advocate for Obamacare. And get this, Mango’s company is a leader in promoting outsourcing jobs to India and Mexico and got a $2 million no bid government contract from Tom Wolf…

Obamacare advocate, outsourcer, Wolf contractor. Paul Mango, phony campaign, real liberal, wrong for us.