Pa. GOP gubernatorial candidate targets non-citizen voting in wake of close special election

2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner yesterday announced a policy he will implement as Governor to address reports of illegal voting in Pennsylvania. On day one in office, Wagner will direct the Department of State to conduct a complete and thorough review of all voter records in the Commonwealth. Any non-citizens that are found to be registered to vote will immediately be removed from the voter rolls. Coverage of the announcement from the Washington Times can be found below.


Pa. GOP gubernatorial candidate targets non-citizen voting in wake of close special election
Stephen Dinan
Washington Times
March 14, 2018

The leading GOP candidate in Pennsylvania’s governor’s race said Wednesday if he’s elected, he’ll demand the state do a full accounting of the state’s voter-rolls and “immediately” kick any non-citizens off the lists.

State Sen. Scott Wagner’s promise came even as the state was facing a razor-thin special congressional election, with the candidates separated by fewer than 700 votes.

Last month The Washington Times reported that Pennsylvania may have as many as 100,000 non-citizens registered to vote, citing documents submitted in a court case trying to force the state to take action.

Mr. Wagner said those numbers were a wake-up call, particularly in light of how close the special election results stand after Tuesday’s vote. Democrat Conor Lamb had 113,813 votes to Rick Saccone’s 113,186, with some absentee and provisional votes still to be counted.

“What we are seeing in the 18th District shows that every vote matters, and furthers the argument for getting a firmer grip on who we have voting in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,” Mr. Wagner said in a statement announcing his push for cleaner rolls.

Mr. Wagner said the voter issue has salience in the election after Mr. Wolf’s administration has shown little interest in cleaning up the problems detailed in the court case.

“Non-citizens are voting in Pennsylvania elections, and Governor Tom Wolf won’t do a damn thing about it,” the GOP candidate said in a web post detailing his concerns.

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