Critics on Wolf's Budget Address

Pennsylvania Democratic Party Bashes Wolf’s Record On School Safety

Governor Ignores Wagner’s Request For Special Legislative Session 

In an effort to respond to 2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s call for a special legislative session on school safety, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party also took issue with Governor Wolf’s record on protecting Pennsylvania’s children.

In a statement to PennLive today, a spokeswoman for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party said, “If Scott Wagner really wanted to improve school safety, he would have voted to fund the school safety initiative in last year’s budget.” (PennLive3/23/18)

The problem with this line of attack is that the budget the Pennsylvania Democratic Party points to was not signed by Governor Wolf. Therefore, does the Party believe that their Governor has a weak record on the issue?

The Pennsylvania Democratic Party also made similar comments in February after Wagner rolled out a multipronged school safety plan. The Allentown Morning Callpointed out the hypocrisy, reporting, “Technically Wolf didn’t support the budget, either, because he didn’t sign it. Wolf has allowed the last three budgets to lapse into law without his signature.” (Morning Call, 2/26/18)

While it may seem counterintuitive for Governor Wolf’s political mouthpiece to be questioning his commitment to keeping children safe, Wolf’s stance on the topic is indeed one of inaction.

After Wagner rolled out a his school safety plan just days after Parkland, Wolf was silent, taking over a month just to decide to formulate a task force to look into the issue.

Yesterday, after Wagner urged him to call for a special session on the subject, Governor Wolf stood by his stance that no immediate action needs to be taken to prevent school shootings in Pennsylvania.

As PennLive reported: “Wolf spokesman J.J. Abbott ignored a request for comment about Wagner’s suggestion of calling a special session and said the governor has put a priority on listening to input the task force receives from people on the front lines to identify solutions.”  (PennLive3/23/18)

The sentiment is consistent with when Wolf claimed that school safety was more of a responsibility for the federal government. 

No wonder why the Governor’s own team is not too happy with him.