Wolf Admits He Doesn’t Know How Many Non-Citizens Are Registered To Vote

Wagner Issues Statement On Governor’s Election Reform Plan

2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner released the following statement after Governor Wolf today held a press conference announcing his election reform plan where he admitted he does not know how many non-citzens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania.

Wolf said at the press conference, “Drivers licenses, they sort of had a default system that said, do you want to vote, and didn’t ask if they were actually citizens. That has been changed and has been corrected at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. So I think the thing that was actually causing that has been – and again those were people who said they would like to be registered. I don’t think anybody is really clear on how many actually did register, and of those, how many actually voted.” (Press Conference3/26/18)

“If Governor Wolf is so interested in reforming our election system he should start by addressing reports that there are a large number of non-citizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania,” said Wagner. “It is the responsibility of the Governor to ensure that our elections our conducted with integrity, and Governor Wolf has just admitted he has no idea who is registered to vote and who has been voting. The Department of State has had over a month to address these accusations, and instead they have declined to reveal the number of non-citizens that are registered to vote in the Commonwealth. As Governor, I will make it a priority to make sure all non-citizens are removed from the voter rolls and Pennsylvanians can have confidence in their election system once again.”

In February, the Washington Times reported  that there could be as many 100,000 non-citizens registered to vote in Pennsylvania. The report was based on testimony obtained by the Public Interest Legal Foundation (PLF) from a lawsuit the organization is pursuing in federal court.

The Department of State then denied that there are 100,000 non-citizens registered to vote, but when asked, it failed to provide the Associated Press with a number to refute the PLF’s claim.

In response to the Department of State’s lack of clarity, Wagner announced a policy he will implement as Governor to address the issue. Wagner is pledging that, immediately upon taking office, he will direct the Department of State to conduct a thorough review of the voter rolls and remove all non-citizens.