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Wagner To Krasner: Put Cop Killers To Death

Vows To Sign Death Warrants When He takes Office

After reading the Philadelphia Inquirer’s report from over the weekend about concerns the family of Sgt. Robert Wilson III  have about Larry Krasner “favoring the criminals,” 2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner today sent the Philadelphia District Attorney a letter. In the letter, Wagner urges Krasner to seek the death penalty for the two men accused of killing Wilson III, and pledges that he will sign the death warrants when he takes office.

The full letter can be found below.

Dear District Attorney Krasner,

It was with great dismay that I read the article over the weekend regarding the murder of Sgt. Robert Wilson III.

Reading about the execution of one of our police officers was hard enough, but what was really gut wrenching was reading about how the family described your nonchalant manner that led a member of Robert Wilson’s family to say of you, “seemed like he is favoring the criminals.”

Let me be crystal clear: you should seek the death penalty for these killers.  They brutally murdered a police officer, and we should send an unmistakable message to anyone who thinks they can kill an officer of the law: you will be put to death.

Look, I know that liberals like George Soros funded your campaign, and you feel like you owe them a debt of gratitude, but have some decency and pursue justice for this family.   The only way that justice will be served is to see these killers put to death.

I also know that our Governor, Tom Wolf, has put a moratorium on the death penalty and opposes the death penalty for cop killers, school shooters, and drug dealers.  You can be assured that his moratorium will end when I take office in January of 2019.

On my first day in office I am going to lift this moratorium and sign the backlog of death warrants.  For the sake of Robert Wilson’s family, I hope his killers are among them.

Sometimes we have to look past rigid ideology and do what’s right.  In this instance, you owe it to the family of Sgt. Wilson.  Don’t let your ideology or the ideology of your liberal cohorts, George Soros or Tom Wolf, get in the way of seeking the ultimate justice for the family of Officer Robert Wilson.


Scott Wagner