Mango Busted By PennLive For Lying About Past Support For Obamacare In Latest TV Ad

Today PennLive gave Paul Mango a “D” for his latest attempt to slither away from his pro-Obamacare past. In a fact check on the former McKinsey consultant’s latest TV ad, PennLive points out that Mr. Mango used a doctored headline  to try to deceive voters about his prior support for big government healthcare.

*Update* – Just hours after the below PennLive story broke, the Mango campaign had to take the ad in question down and replace it with a new one.

Fact Check: GOP guv candidate Paul Mango’s claim that he opposes Obamacare

John Micek
April 23, 2018

As we reported on March 20, Mango, a former healthcare consultant for giants McKinsey & Co., has both written and spoken at least semi-favorably about the need for an individual mandate and how the law could help the economics of the hospital industry.

But in the very next frame, Mango knocks the legs out from underneath his own argument.

“Newspapers confirmed that I not only opposed Obamacare, I called for repealing Obamacare,” says.

The ad cuts to an image — purportedly from that March 20 PennLive column:

Whoops … looks like Mango forgot a little something.

Oh say … the rest of the headline:  GOP guv hopeful Paul Mango isn’t a fan of Obamacare – except for those times he was

But the advertisement also speaks volumes about Mango’s own obfuscation of his position on Obamacare to Republican primary voters.

Yes, it’s true that Mango has spoken out publicly against the Affordable Care Act.

And, yes, it’s also true that he has called for its repeal. But it is also undeniably true that, in his former profession, he spoke and wrote favorably about the law’s effects on the economics of the hospital industry and how it could it reduce the ranks of the uninsured.

But his credibility is undercut by Mango’s blatant falsification and distortion of the PennLive headline and his use of The Times-Tribune story, which makes clear that he had not taken a position on national efforts to repeal the healthcare law.

Final Grade: D

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