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28 Republican Party County Chairs Write Letter Of Support To Wagner

Rip Mango For “False and Disgusting” Cartoon Attack Ad

Encourage Wagner To Continue To Run A Campaign On The Issues

Ahead of tonight’s debate, 24 Republican county chairs sent a letter of support to 2018 gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner. In the letter, the grassroots conservative leaders rip Paul Mango for his “false and disgusting” cartoon attack ad and encourage Wagner to continue to keep his campaign focused on the issues and the people of Pennsylvania. 

The full letter can be found below.



We write today full of pride and to lend our support and encouragement as you approach the Primary Election on May 15.

It’s been almost two and half months since we had the opportunity to select you to lead the fight against Tom Wolf this coming fall. Our Party endorsed you for many reasons, but above all else, we wanted you as our nominee because we saw that you were a proven fighter. We believed you would be able to take on whatever attacks the Democrats threw at you and overcome them.

And while we did not think that you would need to tap into that fighter’s mentality until the General Election, the way you have handled the inexcusable smears on your character over the past few weeks has reinforced to all of us why you were the right choice for us, both then and now.

We are proud that you refused to walk into the trap set for you by the false and disgusting cartoon attack ad. While you could have gotten down in the mud with your opponent, you instead continued to make your campaign about the people of Pennsylvania. It allowed voters to reaffirm who you really are as a candidate -to see that you are a leader with strong resolve, who just wants to focus on solutions.

You have been talking about how you are going to address crises like property taxes, the opioid epidemic and school safety. You have been talking about how you’re going to make sure Pennsylvanians keep more money in their wallets by getting our fiscal house in order and lowering taxes. And you have been talking about how you are going to create a brighter economic future for our Commonwealth by ridding our businesses of burdensome regulations and making sure our children have the skills necessary to meet the needs of the modern workforce.

Keep talking about these things, Scott. That’s what the voters in every single county we represent want to hear about. They want you to keep your eye on the ball.

And as you approach election night you can rest assured that we are with you. We’ll be out organizing phone banks, putting up yard signs, handing out literature and driving people to the polls.

We’re here to work for you, because we know you’re running to work for us.

Keep Fighting,

D. Raja, Allegheny County
Lois Kaneshiki, Blair County
Pat Poprik, Bucks County
Steve Miller, Centre County
Val DiGiorgio, Chester County
Rick Rathfon, Clarion County
Arleen Multhauf, Clearfield County
Greg Rothman, Cumberland County
Dave Feidt, Dauphin County
Andrew Reilly, Delaware County
Robert Ternes, Franklin County
C. Arnold McClure, Huntingdon County
Casey Long, Lebanon County
Ron Ferrance, Luzerne County
Joseph Hamm, Lycoming County
Stacey Wallace, McKean County
Bill Donnelly, Montgomery County
Marlene Gunther, Montour County
Lee Snover, Northampton County
Martha Breene, Venango County
Kathy Kemp Jensen, Warren County
Kerry Jobe, Westmoreland County
Davis Haire, Wyoming County
Alex Shorb, York County
Lance Stange, Lackawanna County

Kurtes Smith, Clarion County
Carolyn Conner, Union County
Thomas C. Whitehead, Monroe County