Mango Refuses To Accept Wagner’s Proposal To Take Down All Negative Ads On Both Sides

 In tonight’s Republican gubernatorial debate Scott Wagner asked Paul Mango if he would agree to a mutual pledge to stop the negativity and to take down any ads mentioning opponents. Mango refused to agree to that pledge.

Watch the exchange HERE.



SCOTT WAGNER: So Paul it appears that you want to continue down the path of your ads. Do you want to agree tonight that we would both display ads over the next 20 days until the primary that we don’t mention each other?

PAUL MANGO: I’ll run my campaign, Senator, you can run your campaign. My objective is to ensure that the Republican primary voters of Pennsylvania make an informed choice on May 15 and I will do whatever I have to do to make sure that is the case.

SCOTT WAGNER: Well, if I could follow up, Dennis, for 15 seconds. My campaign is about the issues. And trust me folks, I am very, very different than Tom Wolf. Tom Wolf has a report card. Tom Wolf came in office in 2015 and attempted to push $4.5 billion worth of taxes on Pennsylvanians. I was there along with other Republicans and we stopped it.