During  2018 Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner today called on Tom Wolf to release to the public the details of the $1 billion pitch that the Governor made to Amazon.

In order to prevent members of the media from obtaining the financial benefits it promised to Amazon, the Wolf Administration filed a suit that seeks to overturn a ruling from the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records originally authorizing the publication of the information in question.

“Taxpayers deserve to know what handouts Governor Wolf offered to Amazon to make up for his failed policies of excessive taxes and regulations, which have created an unfriendly business environment in Pennsylvania,” said Scott Wagner. “When I’m Governor, we’re going to roll back regulations, rebuild our infrastructure and reform our tax code so that we will no longer need to provide special kickbacks to attract the Amazon’s of the world.”

Wagner’s comments come on the heels of a scathing PennLive editorial articulating a similar sentiment.

The PennLive Editorial Board wrote:

  • “So think about that for a minute: The same state officials who are willing to spend more than $1 billion of your money to land Amazon are also more than willing to burn through your tax money to keep you in the dark about how it’s being spent. That’s unacceptable…The taxpayers deserve to know how their money is being spent. The administration is insulting them by spending their money to keep them from finding out. Drop the lawsuit and open the books, Governor. Pennsylvanians can decide for themselves if this is a Prime deal or not.” (PennLive, 5/7/17)
The PennLive Editorial Board also highlighted how the Wolf Administration’s lack of transparency is a recurring issue.
  • “Think about the nearly farcical level of secrecy surrounding Pennsylvania’s billion-dollar medical marijuana industry. Applications submitted by companies seeking to open medical marijuana production facilities and dispensaries were so heavily redacted that they were effectively unreadable. Then there’s Wolf’s steadfast refusal to release the findings of an Office of Inspector General’s report on the 2017 controversy surrounding his second-in-command, Lt. Gov. Mike Stack.” (PennLive, 5/7/18)

PennLive is onto a disturbing narrative, but is missing some major pieces of supporting evidence.

Two other notable coverups Wolf is engaging in include:

Wagner for Governor spokesman Andrew Romeo blasted Wolf’s poor record on transparency saying, “Governor Wolf has shown time and time again that when it comes to his image or the well-being of Pennsylvanians, he chooses himself every time. The secrecy he has engaged in during his term in office is cheating   the people he serves. Unlike the Governor, Scott will run an administration people can be proud of, and will never hesitate to share with them what he is doing to make their lives better.”