While President Trump Is Lowering Utility Bills For Pennsylvanians, Wolf Wants to Raise Them

 Thursday, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that President Trump’s tax reform package is beginning to lower the energy bills of hardworking Pennsylvanians.
  • “The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission on Thursday ordered a $320 million rate reduction for most of the state’s electric, gas and water utilities on July 1 to reflect the lower federal tax rate that went into effect this year…For Pennsylvania electric utilities, the rate cuts will range from a reduction of 0.6 percent for customers of PPL Electric Utilities to 8.6 percent for customers of Metropolitan Edison Co.” (Inquirer, 5/17/18)
This pro-pocketbook development comes on the heels of Governor Wolf’s latest push to implement a severance tax that would be financed by Pennsylvania’s working class.  And this is not a new idea for Wolf. The Governor has been attempting this for years. Most recently, he tried to convince the people of Pennsylvania that taking their money to offset for his inability to manage the commonwealth’s finances is a “reasonable” idea.
  • “Since day one of my term as governor, I have fought to enact a reasonable severance tax.” (Press Release, 4/30/18)
Remarkably, in their first attack against Scott Wagner, which came immediately after he accepted the nomination, the Wolf campaign hit the Republican gubernatorial nominee for standing up against Wolf’s attempt to raise gas and electric bills for Pennsylvanians:
  • “There’s no greater example of Wagner’s obstructionist tactics than his opposition to the severance tax.” (Press Release, 5/15/18)
“A severance tax will raise gas and electric bills for millions of Pennsylvanians, but everyone knows Tom Wolf doesn’t understand the value of a hard earned dollar. Last year, when Scott stood with the taxpayers,  Tom Wolf pushed for a direct tax on energy bills,” said Wagner for Governor spokesman Andrew Romeo. 
  • “The bill drew Wolf’s support…consumers, meanwhile, would face $405 million in new or higher taxes from a gross receipts tax on their natural gas, electric and telecommunications bills.” (AP, 7/27/17)
“When it comes to sticking those he serves with tax increases,” Romeo added, “Tom Wolf has made it clear that the money President Trump is saving the people of Pennsylvania should belong to him. Scott Wagner is the only candidate in this race striving to make sure Harrisburg keeps its greedy paws off the President’s tax relief. If you are a Pennsylvanian who voted for President Trump on the premise that he would lower your taxes, why would you ever give Tom Wolf another term?”