wagner's pennsylvania press club speech

“Wagner is a smart, tough guy – the Sgt. Rock of Pennsylvania politics – who will have the money and moxie to run a vigorous fall campaign.”

What They’re Saying About Scott Wagner As He Begins General Election Campaign

City and State Pennsylvania’s Tom Ferrick: “Wagner is a smart, tough guy – the Sgt. Rock of Pennsylvania politics – who will have the money and moxie to run a vigorous fall campaign.” (City & State PA, 5/18/18)

Politics PA“But step back for a moment. Four years ago he was a gadfly outsider, running a write-in campaign against the Republican nominee for State Senate. Four years later, after building and funding a statewide network, he is the undisputed leader of the PA Republican Party.” (Politics PA, 5/18/18)

The York Daily Record’s Ed Mahon: “Four years ago, state Republican Party leaders tried to keep Scott Wagner from winning a state Senate seat. They failed. On Tuesday, the York County businessman and state senator won the GOP nomination for governor. This time, he was the endorsed candidate of the party.” (York Daily Record, 5/16/18)

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s John Baer: “Clearly, Wagner uses the Trump model that worked here in 2016. And he can seek to enthuse Republicans by arguing that a hard-charging GOP governor, coupled with what’s likely to still be a GOP legislature, can push conservative dreams on tax policy, right-to-work, school choice, death penalty, guns and abortion into state law. Also, and importantly, Wagner has a work ethic and political instincts that serve him well. He was opposed by his party in 2014, when he won a state Senate seat as a write-in candidate — an unprecedented win in Pennsylvania. This year, he was endorsed by his party for governor. Both due to focused, high-energy effort.” (Inquirer, 5/15/18)

PennLive Contributor Marc Scaringi: “Republican primary voters have spoken loud and clear in 2016 and then again last night. They want a candidate who will represent the “forgotten men and women” of Pennsylvania who work hard every day and yet get further and further behind as the political class gets more ensconced in their positions of privilege and power… They voted for the candidate they believe will swing away at the political class and make them heed the will of the people a and who will return Pennsylvania to the place it once held as one of the best states in America in which to live, work, raise a family and retire.” (PennLive, 5/16/18)

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Liz Navratil and Angela Couloumbis: “A Republican state senator and trash hauling magnate whose style and substance often draws comparisons to President Donald Trump snagged the chance to challenge Gov. Tom Wolf this fall for the state’s top job.” (Post-Gazette, 5/15/18)

The Wall Street Journal’s Scott Calvert: “Pennsylvania State Sen. Scott Wagner, a firebrand likened to President Donald Trump, captured the Republican primary for governor Tuesday, winning the right to challenge Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf this fall.” (Wall Street Journal, 5/16/18)

Political Analyst, Charlie Gerow: “Wagner wants to shake things up in Harrisburg. He already has. Looking to build on his record, he’ll focus on the fact that ‘Harrisburg has a spending problem’…If Wagner can fully connect with the growing populist movement that rejects bigger government and the heavy tax burden that goes with it, he’s got a real shot at being the second man to defeat an incumbent governor.” (PennLive, 5/20/18)

Political Analyst, Liz Havey: “He’s going into areas, and he already has started to do that, across the state, particularly in Philadelphia, that most Republican candidates would never do. And his message is not going to be that typical conservative message, it’s going to be one that’s more inclusive… I think this is going to be a serious race.” (WPVI, Inside Story, 5/20/18)

Political Analyst, Chris Nicholas:  “I think the Wagner people benefitted from – he had a base, he got in first, he spent the most money, he knew who he was and knew what he was about and what he wanted to do, and got to a certain cruising level and realized, okay, I’m going to get through this three way primary and maybe save some resources for the general election.”  (ABC27, This Week in Pennsylvania, 5/20/18)

Political Analyst, Joe Watkins: “Scott Wagner used his money, used his background as a state senator, but more importantly as a business person, as somebody who understands business, that knows how to put people back to work and how to make a state work, to his advantage and he was able to overcome two very competitive challengers.”  (NBC Philadelphia,  At Issue, 5/20/18)