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Scott Wagner On Governor Wolf’s Town Hall Debate Slate Refusal: “Why Doesn’t He Get In Front Of The People?”

Yesterday, 2018 gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner challenged Governor Wolf to participate in a town hall-style debate in every county of the commonwealth. Wolf flatly refused to accept Wagner’s proposal. In an interview today on NewsTalk 103.7, Wagner criticized the Governor for thinking he is above having to stand in front of the people of Pennsylvania and answer their questions.

Listen to the audio HERE.


MICHELE JANSEN: “I have to ask you about this proposal your campaign made yesterday. Personally, I love it. It’s the idea that we’ll have,  per county, a town hall up until the General Election between you and Governor Wolf and when you can’t make it your lieutenant governors can fill in for you and actually answers questions from people in that county rather than the canned questions. Boy, you had a lot of debates in the run-up to the Primary and we did sort of keep hearing the same questions and the same answers over and over again. How’s been the reception to that both from the opposite campaign and what are you hearing back from potential constituents?”

SCOTT WAGNER: “Well people want to meet with the candidates and we are not hearing anything back from Governor Wolf’s campaign other than this is a stunt and this is what Senator Wagner is up to, he’s into stunts.  The bottom line is we easily have 67 days between now and the election, and some of these we could do, some of these we could have two a day and possibly three a day. You could have a morning, noon and an afternoon session. You could do them on weekends. Listen, the Governor can do this. The Governor has access to all the state aircraft. He’s flying around the state now and handing out checks and he’s telling everyone how wonderful he is. Why doesn’t he get in front of the people and talk to the people? Why doesn’t he get in front of the people in certain areas and explain why there is so much trash along the highways, why there’s so many potholes on their interstate, why there is a skilled labor crisis in their county? Why doesn’t he go to Erie and talk about why the unemployment rate is 5.4 percent but the national average is 3.9 percent? No, I think this Governor is not interested in doing that because that’s not his cup of tea.”