Wagner Gets Grass Mowed In Philadelphia’s Malcolm X Park

Questions Mayor Kenney’s Use Of Soda Tax Revenue

2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner may still have months of campaigning to do, but he’s already getting things done for the people of Philadelphia.
On Saturday, Wagner held a criminal justice reform campaign event at Malcolm X Park in Philadelphia. While at the park, Wagner noticed the grass was growing out of control and that trash was everywhere. He then recorded a Facebook video message to Mayor Kenney, explaining if the grass was not cut by Wednesday he would be back to complete the task himself.
As reported by Billy Penn, Mayor Kenney had the grass cut Monday afternoon.
In Billy Penn’s report, a spokesman for Kenney also asserted that the Soda Tax is what helps pay for the grass to be cut in parks like Malcolm X.
  • “The Mayor has long acknowledged the need for greater resources so we can better care for Malcolm X Park and all parks in Philadelphia,” Dunn continued in an email, before plugging Rebuild, an initiative to improve parks, rec centers, and libraries funded by the Philadelphia Beverage Tax.”
And while the Mayor’s office referenced a “Rebuild” program designed to make improvements to parks, it’s still unclear whether or not a park that existed long before the Soda Tax was enacted has its routine maintenance funded by that specific source of revenue.

Answers to a question like that would have been able to be obtained by Wagner had, as City and State reported last week, Mayor Kenney not “organized groups to shut down” of the bipartisan hearing he and Senator Williams were trying to have on the issue last year.

“The Soda Tax, if it’s going to be in place at all, should be going into classrooms, not to the routine maintenance required for parks,” said Wagner. “Figuring out how the Soda Tax is being spent was a major priority of Senator Williams and I before the Mayor shut our hearing down last year. The lack of transparency the Mayor has provided on this issue is troubling and speaks to the larger issue of Democrats like Governor Wolf and Mayor Kenney failing to serve the interests of the people of Philadelphia. During this campaign I promise to offer Philadelphians an alternative choice and I pledge to be in the area frequently talking to them and hearing their concerns.”