Wagner Campaign Launches New Digital Ad: How Can I Help You?

Wagner Committed To Providing Philadelphians With A Governor Who Doesn’t Take Them For Granted

The Wagner for Governor campaign announced today that it will launch a new statewide digital ad highlighting 2018 Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner’s commitment toward providing an alternative choice for an area of the commonwealth Tom Wolf has take for granted during his time in office – Philadelphia. While the Governor has stood by as the Philadelphia school system has fallen apart, the spot displays how Wagner is on a mission to be the first Governor in generations, Republican or Democrat, to make the people of Philadelphia a priority and run a campaign focused on helping them.

“While Tom Wolf and John Fetterman are showing they care more about shopping sprees than solving Pennsylvania’s problems, Scott is committed to engaging all the people the Governor has proven he does not care about,” said Wagner for Governor campaign spokesman Andrew Romeo. “Year after year, the people of Philadelphia have gone to the polls only to vote for higher taxes, inferior educational opportunities and more poverty. Scott’s candidacy is about reaching out to the forgotten people of Philadelphia, and all Pennsylvanians who have been left behind, and making the case that they deserve better than the status quo.”

Watch the full ad HERE.



SCOTT WAGNER: “There is a huge opportunity here to do something different. When I become governor the people will be my customers. And I learned a long time ago in my businesses you have to go out and ask the customer how they are doing. And how can I help you? What else can I do for you? How can I add value?

“There are schools in Philadelphia that the paint is peeling off the ceilings in 80 and 90 year old buildings, dropping on desks of small children, and they are eating the paint flakes. But meanwhile, ten miles from here in another county they are building a $150 million complex, but the complex is so grand that when you walk inside you need a special lift to change light bulbs. I don’t care what political party you come from, or you background or anything, you have to say to yourself, there’s something wrong here, what’s wrong with this picture. I believe that education is the cornerstone of everything.

“What I want to offer as the next governor is I want to offer something different. There is a saying in business, that what’s the definition of insanity, and that’s doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  So what I am asking is for people to learn more about me. Because you are going to see me a lot over the next six months. But I’m not giving you lip service, I’m not just showing up here and telling you what you want to hear so you elect me – I’ll be back.”


As The Philadelphia Inquirer reported in May:

“Many Philadelphia schools are incubators for illness, with environmental hazards that endanger students and hinder learning. Day after day last September, toxic lead paint chips fluttered from the ceiling of a first-grade classroom and landed on the desk of 6-year-old Dean Pagan. Dean didn’t want his desk to look messy. But he feared that if he got up to toss the paint slivers in the trash, he’d get in trouble. So he put them in his mouth. And swallowed them. It wasn’t until Dean was hospitalized last November for severe lead poisoning that the School District of Philadelphia grew alarmed enough to finally fix the chipping and peeling paint in Room 202 at Watson Comly Elementary in Northeast Philadelphia. (Inquirer, 5/3/18)