2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner today issued the following statement regarding the passage of the budget bill in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives:

“When Governor Wolf took office in 2015, his massive tax increase proposals and his stubbornness led to a nine month budget impasse that held students, county and local governments, social service agencies and non-profit organizations hostage, and put the state on the brink of financial disaster. Given his support for this year’s budget, it’s clear all the hardship the Governor put Pennsylvania families through in 2015 was unnecessary.

“This year’s budget is yet another do-nothing budget that fails to address the real challenges facing Pennsylvania.  We have to take on big issues – eliminating property taxes, investing in classrooms, trimming wasteful spending and regulations and a real commitment to school safety – unfortunately this budget does none of that.  Instead, Governor Wolf has done nothing but stand in the way of our Republican majorities attempting to change Pennsylvania. I have a simple message for Pennsylvania – I’ll be a governor that prioritizes your paychecks, your schools, and your future. Help is on the way.”