Wagner Accepts 12 Gubernatorial Debate Invitations

*This post has been updated to reflect Wagner’s acceptance of the York Daily Record’s debate invitation*

2018 Republican gubernatorial nominee Scott Wagner today announced he has accepted invitations to 12 gubernatorial debates to be held at venues across the commonwealth.

The announcement follows Wagner’s call for a rigorous town hall oriented debate schedule, which Governor Wolf declined. To date, Governor Wolf has not publicly accepted any debates.

“The Wolf campaign responded to our initial proposal by saying that we ‘ducked’ debates during the primary in spite of the fact that we participated in twelve debates — which is more than any endorsed gubernatorial candidate in recent history,” said Campaign Manager Jason High. “We hope Governor Wolf applies that standard to himself, doesn’t ‘duck’ any debates and participates in at least 12 with Scott in the general election. We have accepted every debate request we have received so far and look forward to adding more to this schedule.”

Wagner has accepted the following debate invitations:

  1. NBC 10 Debate
  2. Fox 29 Debate
  3. Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce Debate
  4. The Chamber Of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia
  5. Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce Debate
  6. League of Women’s Voters, WTAE Debate
  7. NAACP Debate
  8. WPXI Debate
  9. PennLive / CBS21 Debate
  10. WGAL Debate
  11. WHP Radio Debate
  12. York Daily Record

Wagner is committed to participating in all 12 debates listed above regardless of Governor Wolf’s attendance.

Wagner also is open to participating in more debates, especially in traditionally underrepresented media markets like Johnstown-Altoona, Erie and Scranton.